Anonymous online backup based on single key and password

Dear all,

I am working for an humanitarian organization assisting migrants and one common problem they are facing is the lost of documents, in particular their identity card.

We are encouraging them to backup their documents online, emailing it to themselves in order to make it simple, but many migrants do not have email account and it would take time to create one for each of them.

A solution would be an online website allowing to upload some pictures and having them available based on a single key (their id card number than they know by heart) and a password.

I wonder if NextCloud would offer such feature. Thanks for sharing your opinion on this question!

Best regards!

How about this:

Or this

Thanks for the suggestions! I will check out those NextCloud apps.

Another idea that comes to my mind would be a fast process to sign in for new users. I have noted the Registration app that might be a solution. The user use his ID num as login and chooses his password, then upload his pictures, and done.

More ideas?

I have set up a test server with the registration app and it could be a solution, providing that NextCloud would allow several users using the same email address…

Is that possible?

Thanks in advance for your support.

Your users can even try to use something like to get temporary E-Mail. Problem - you are loosing control of your users and access, everyone can register like this.

You can added your own LDAP, OAuth or SAML Server and register or preregister users there by your self, or other online/offline mechanisms. NC can use those data for authentication, so basically you can put fake E-mail like