Anonymous Calendar from business partners

Hello everybody.
This is my first post and I hope it is understandable.
My question relates to the Nextcloud calendar. A co-worker wants to import his calendar into our calendar, but the content should not be visible. It is only interesting that our colleague is blocked at this and that time. So his appointments are visible to him, but for us only so marked that we can see no details.
Is there a possibility about a plugin or another possibility?

Best regards and thank you,

There is no need to “import” a calendar. Usually a person shares his calendar with an other person in “read-only” mode. I’ve not yet tested it but I would expect that the details are always viewable and cannot be hidden.

ok. Thank you j-ed for fast answer.
maybe i have to code an own plugin to hide the abonnement-calenders.


When you create a new event (calendar entry) you can define the visibility for this event.

So that might be a solution for your colleague. However, he should not forget to set this for each event. A follow-up question could be, how to make this the default. And unfortunately I don’t know the answer to that, but maybe someone else knows :slight_smile:

Thank you Schmu,
This will help.