Announcing T-Systems as a Sponsor at Nextcloud Enterprise Day 2024

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We’re thrilled to reveal T-Systems, part of Deutsche Telekom and a prominent global IT service provider, as a sponsor of Nextcloud Enterprise Day. Join us on April 24, 2024, in Munich, Germany, for this pivotal event.

T-Systems is one of the bigger Nextcloud clients; they’re diligently working on their content migration services, which involves transforming and transporting substantial volumes of structured and unstructured data across various platforms, seamlessly integrating them into the Nextcloud Hub.

About T-Systems

T-Systems, a Deutsche Telekom subsidiary, is a respected name in the global ICT landscape. Operating in over 20 countries, their diverse portfolio encompasses digital solutions, cloud infrastructure, mobility solutions, and cybersecurity. T-Systems aids businesses worldwide in harnessing the power of their Nextcloud servers within secure, certified data centers. T-Systems and Nextcloud are staunch advocates of data sovereignty, firmly believing organizations should regain control over their data.

About Nextcloud Enterprise Day

Nextcloud Enterprise Day 2024 boasts a wide-ranging array of topics, covering the spectrum of enterprise applications. Our seasoned industry experts, technology partners (including T-Systems representatives), and dedicated in-house engineers will be on hand to address queries and share insightful perspectives.

The event is a great opportunity to influence the Nextcloud roadmap and gain a deeper understanding of Nextcloud Hub as the quintessential suite for self-hosted collaboration.

Join us in envisioning the future of digital collaboration and data sovereignty. Let’s meet in Munich!

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