Announcement app

NC 21.03

I installed announcement app with the good idea of letting people know system wide of needed or interesting information.

While the app does work, there is not flag, or blinking lights says that there is an announcement.

You have to go into the announcement app to even know if there is an announcement.

Is there a way to have it show on the dashboard or a big red blinking light in the general working space somewhere to let people know that there is a new announcement?

If this is possible, then it will be very useful. If not, it is unlikely that people will have a reflex t go and look at the announcements.

Thanks for all help!

Hi @smokinjo

On my test instance notifications from the announcementcenter app are displayed at the top right in the notification area like any other notifications. However, the user must have activated the notifications for announcements under Settings β†’ Activities β†’ Notifications in order to get them. I agree with you, that there is certainly room for improvement. Maybe you can add your ideas here…