[announce] cloud-cli 1.26 - command line script to perform file, share and user operations

URL: https://lightaffaire.com/code

1.26 2023.01.11
- fixed --create-share to use --share-with (reported by danielhainich@gmail.com)
1.25 2022.12.13
- fixed --list-shares to correctly display Upload parameter
1.24 2022.11.30
- changed --list-users and --list-user to display quota as 'used[T|G|M|K|B]/total[T|G|M|K|B]'
- fixed verbose option call messages to use \"$AdminUser:********\" for easier cut&paste usage
1.23 2022.11.29
- changed --list-shares to also list Path
1.22 2022.11.14
- added --sync-src sync source path on localhost or rclone host option
- added --sync-dst sync destination path on rclone host option
- added --rclone-checkers number of rclone parallel checkers (default: $RcloneNumCheckers) option
- added --rclone-transfers number of rclone parallel transfers (default: $RcloneNumTransfers) option
- added --rclone-bwlimit bandwidth limit rclone in KiB/s or [B|K|M|G|T|P] (default: $RcloneBwLimit) option
1.21 2022.10.09
- changed --delete-expire to require --yes confirmation
- fixed --share-expire to accept YYYY-MM-DD and YYYYMMDD
- fixed Help() for --share-expire

Constructive feedback always appreciated.



What does it mean:
command ending in: --list /Documents/
failed to load external entity “/tmp/cloud-cli.list-xml.307072”

I just tried that here and this is what I get:

$ cloud-cli --list /Documents/

2022-11-18 10:59:21       DIR  Documents/
2022-11-18 10:59:21      1095  Documents/Example.md
2022-11-13 19:04:33   1083339  Documents/Nextcloud%20flyer.pdf
2022-11-13 19:04:33       136  Documents/Readme.md
2022-11-13 19:04:33     24295  Documents/Welcome%20to%20Nextcloud%20Hub.docx

I would re-check the values you have used for:

 --host|-H url         cloud host url https://[fqdn|ip][:port]
 --user|-U user        cloud username (for file operations)
 --pass|-P pass        cloud password (for file operations)
 --admin-user user     admin username (for user operations)
 --admin-pass pass     admin password (for user operations)
 --insecure|-I         ignore self signed SSL certs


Is the program ‘xmlstarlet’ installed on your system as it is a dependency?

I just created a v1.27 which actually automatically checks for this when running cloud-cli.

You can download it from https://lightaffaire.com/code

Yes I installed it.
It was wrong username.

Glad I could help you. Have fun!

How to upload a file to a folder?
Can you upload a file as “admin” to a user folder?
Can you download a preview?

cloud-cli --local-file src-file --upload dst-folder/dst-file

If you can the preview file you can download it…

cloud-cli --list folder

Currently not possible to add a file as admin to a users folder structure.


Thanks for the quick reply

Sorry, didn’t get this one, could you elaborate a bit more?

if you can see the preview file using the --list folder command then you can download it.