[announce] cloud-cli 1.03 - utility to perform basic webdav operations

While moving various services and mostly images from an old dropbox account to a fresh Nextcloud docker instance running on a Synology NAS server I needed todo some automated housekeeping so the cloud-cli utility was born. It is basically a bash script doing webdav operations using curl.

Usage: cloud-cli [options]
       --host|-H text        cloud hostname https://[fqdn|ip][:port]
       --user|-U text        cloud username
       --pass|-P text        cloud password
       --insecure|-I         ignore self signed SSL certs

       --list|-l path        list date time size name for path elements
       --upload|-u file      upload file
       --download|-d file    download file
       --pipe|-p file        pipe file
       --move|-m file        move file
       --copy|-c file        copy file 
       --to|-t file          move/copy destination file
       --create|-C dir       create directory
       --delete|-D file/dir  delete file or directory

       --local-dir|-d dir    local directory (default: /tmp)
       --local-file|-f file  local file

Config file ~/.cloud-cli and remember chmod 600 ~/.cloud-cli



$ cloud-cli --list /path
$ cloud-cli --upload local-file.txt
$ cloud-cli --download cloud-file.txt --local-dir /tmp
$ cloud-cli --pipe cloud-file.txt | grep text-string
$ cloud-cli --move cloud-file.txt --to move-to-file.txt
$ cloud-cli --copy cloud-file.txt --to copy-of-file.txt
$ cloud-cli --create cloud-dir
$ cloud-cli --delete [cloud-dir | cloud-file.txt]

URL: https://lightaffaire.com/code

Constructive feedback always appreciated.


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Cool, so you can use it as a dedicated cli desktop app?

It is a command line script. Nothing todo with a desktop or app. It allows me and maybe others to list, upload, download, pipe, move, copy and delete files and create and delete directories.