Animated Gifs doesn't load in Nextcloud Talk


First of all, I would like to thank you very much for this software.
I installed and configured it a few days ago via Docker and reverse proxy and invited the first users.

The only thing that was complained about (yes, complaining on a high level) is that the Talk app does not have Giphy search built in.
That may sound a bit clumsy, but in the dry world of work, an animated image can already lighten the mood and improve it.

I tried to find out more about the gifs in NextCloud Talk and found out that the web GUI and app support are different, which also makes the alternative solutions non-functional. (Was thinking of sharing a folder with lots of GIFs for everyone to “share” in chats.)

When I directly load a GIF as a file into the chat, it is animated in the web GUI, but in the mobile app (tested only on Android), it remains a static image.

If I post the link to a GIF from Giphy, then in the WEB GUI also only the link is displayed, without any picture at all, but in the mobile app it is then animated.

Can it be that I have set something wrong here?