Android version for Audio Player?


Is there an Android version of the Audio Player app?

Or an extension to the offcial Android client for streaming audio files?


Nope, not at the very moment since the web simply does play the file :wink:
The Android client can’t really support this without exposing your credentials to other players via the URL.
Nc14 will shipp the ability of giving us an interface so we can implement streaming in a more secure way, so it’ll come in the future, rather end 2018 or in 2019.

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might be interesting for @anon99252149 as well

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I like where this is heading :slight_smile:
I have an ampache instance which is kind of clunky and I’m looking to switch eventually.


Nice to hear that. For now the only native option is the Music app with Ampache support which works but is a bit clunky.


CloudBeats can do it
Very useful!

Unfortunately not designed for tablets - can’t be installed


Don’t know if this is of any use, but I find that when I download music and audiobook files from my nextcloud to my phone, they appear in the Google Play Music app. I didn’t do anything to make this happen, the app just seems to find them.

I haven’t tried making playlists with these files. I have been tempted to recently when I hit an annoying problem with Google Play Music on-line, but I haven’t yet.

Also, the audiobook player I have settled on can be set to look at the nextcloud folder on my phone, so I can sync books I want to listen to and use that app to display and play them.

I read the description of CloudBeats. It does sound interesting.


Thank you for advice!

P.S. Are you sure about tablets? I just installed this application on the Lenovo TB-8704X, CloudBeats works perfectly.


It does not appear in Google Play Store on Samsung Galaxy 12.2" Tablet



It does not appear in Google Play Store on Samsung Galaxy 12.2" Tablet

Hmm… It looks like CloudBeats is not available for some model of tablets. Oops…
Anyway, it’s a chance to solve this issue – install directly from apk-file. :slight_smile: