Android - Unable to establish internet connection/Sync with server


I recently installed NextCloud v.15.0.5 on a spare Ubuntu 18.04 LTS server in a dockerised environment by using the docker-compose (apache) file that was provided at the official docker repo for NextCloud over at Github.

The web UI is made accessible through a reverse nginx proxy that maps the exposed docker port to a subdomain with format https://cloud.domain.tld

Connecting, downloading and uploading files through the web UI itself works fine, however, I’m met with “No internet connection” after logging into my Nextcloud server using the android application.

Additional information:

  • Android Version: 9
  • Nextcloud Android Version: 3.5.0

After searching for issues similar to mine, I did find this github issue with exactly the same problem that I encountered. Despite that, I’m unable to fix the issue on my end.

Any help would be greatly appreciated and I’ll do my best to provide additional information, if needed.

Thank you.