Android Talk Client - No notifications nor sounds enabled with MicroG


I recently bought my first Android Phone (Galaxy Flip 3 5G) and removed Google in place of MicroG.

After installing NextCloud Talk from the Neo Store / F-Droid / Aurora Store (tried all three versions), after logging in to my server, I see in the loading screen (as my chats are being loaded) a text saying that “Push notifications disabled”.

In Android I see they are enabled with sounds (defined in the app), but the application does not push notifications (and obviously I get no sounds).

Does somebody know how to address this? Other applications such as whatsapp and telegram do have sounds and notifications on the same phone and I didn’t have to do anything to enable those.

I am very new to Android and MicroG.

Hey, only the Playstore version supports notifications: talk-android/ at master · nextcloud/talk-android · GitHub

Ok, I tried to install the apk from the play store off of another android phone and used Apk Extractor to send the same apk that was downloaded off of the play store to my de-googled android phone. Installed it and push notifications are still disabled.

Does it mean I have to factory reset the phone, install the apk from the play store and then re-install microg?

If I were to do that, will notifications work when I replace google services with microg or will they get disabled again?

Well, after a few days, the app downloaded off of the Play Store and sent by Apk Extractor worked. So now notifications are perfectly working.

This is the procedure I had to follow:

  1. On a Googled-phone:
    a. Download NextCloud Talk from the Play Store;
    b. Download Apk Extractor from the Play Store;
    c. Open Apk Extractor and find the NextCloud Talk app from the listed apps;
    d. Click on Share and then select Bluetooth

  2. On the degoogled-phone:
    a. Enable bluetooth;
    b. Adjust the android settings to allow bluetooth to install applications;
    c. Install the received NextCloud Talk;
    d. Reboot or wait a couple of days for notifications to pick up.