Android reset to factory defaults and nextcloud contacts are gone

Android reset to factory defaults and nextcloud contacts are gone.

I don’t know what happened. I had a problem with the phone so I did a factory reset.
I installed android apps, nextcloud and DAV again and attempted to sync.

I had a little problem there but ended up logging in on the PC to see contacts.
I saw 2 folders there as if it were groups but no contacts at all.
Notes, bookmarks, and calendar data is still on the PC and I can sync those up to the android.
Just no more contacts.

What happened to the contacts ?
Can I get them back ?

Additionally, I setup and manually put contacts into the android.
I used these instructions or others like it which are mostly the same as far as I can tell.

I setup DavX 5 and it does not sync or add any contacts to nextlcoud.
I assume that the phone can sync to nextcloud and add contacts from my phone to nextcloud ?

Please advise thanks

One more thing I noticed.

I can add contacts via Webbased nextcloud or delete them and it syncs with the phone.

However, I cannot add them to the phone and have it sync to nextcloud.

Seems to only be working in one direction. Adding to nextcloud and sync but not adding things to the phone and sync.

This is strange.
Please advise thanks.

OK, I think I’m onto something that I didn’t realize.

Phones store contacts in various “accounts” One of which is the Davx5 account.

If you put a contact on the phone and it stores it to sim/internal phone etc. This does not appear to have the ability to synce to nextcloud on it’s own.

I don’t know how Davx5 works exactly if the contacts are stored on davx5 account. I would assume I can still have them on my phone memory in the account called davx5 type of account ?

Anyhow I think I’m making a little sense of it. I don’t know why all accounts don’t sync to contacts, but I guess just the way phones are.

I think I got it.

I have to use the phone’s Contact Management feature to work with the various accounts on the phone. I didn’t realize that creating a contact on the phone only creates it in the sim or the phone internal memory. These memories are seen as actually accounts by the contacts apps.

So from the Contact management app in the android
Select copy account. This copies phone contacts from memory accounts to Davx5 account.

Then use the merge feature to merge them and they will be a contact merged and sharing both accounts.

Now Dav5 will sync to the cloud.

Thanks all.

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