Android Nextcloud Client completely broken since 3.22


I wonder what went wrong with your Nextcloud client updates for Android. Since 3.22 everything is completely broken. Syncing of folders does not work at all and freeze the client completely. Unfortunately there is no easy way of downgrading to 3.21 in FDroid as they are simply not available any more since your 3.22.2 update.

Please describe the issues you have in detail. My phone runs 3.22.2 from FDroid and I see no issues with my NC 24.0.6… Sync and auto-upload works…

Just have a look at the feedbacks. Obviously it is not related to the server version, as I see people with 24 describing very much what I see. The Auto-Upload freezes the app more or less completely. I’d say you are simply lucky. People like me auto-uploading some hundred files a day are pretty much busted with 3.22. Can you point to a link for old versions of the app so one can at least downgrade?

you can “uninstall updates” of an app using Android Settings > Apps…
additionally you find older apk versions from Github

And how do you do that without loosing the complete setup?

What I mean is: the app has no export function for the setup, so one has to re-enter all details again if you uninstall…

Ah things get even worse. Now the app crashed on me during upload. So It gave me a crash report and copied it to clip. Then I tried to feed it to github (which is sh*tty in itself, as you have to fill out questions before you can do that) and since github wants me to enter some id code sent by mail I now lost the clip with the crash report. Really, the whole thing is not quite thought-through for an app with version 3.X. If it crashes it should send a report to the authors, like good apps (e.g. Conversations) do that. Really quite some code in this app needs heavy re-writing.
Besides, even older versions have heavy troubles - though not crashing so far. But I saw a list of 5-20 files every morning for “conflict solving” which showed the same file on client and server to choose… So it is quite a mess over all.