Android Nextcloud app, automatic uploads and synchronization conflicts


For a pretty long time (at least since more than a year) I have a strange problem with the automatic upload of photos and videos from my Samsung S21FE.

It appears to be happening, when I make a photo when I’m not connected to WIFI (I have configured to only upload photos using WIFI).
When the phone connects to WIFI photos are beging uploaded. Some uploads go well but for others I get a synchronization conflict.

However when I check the synchronization dialog, the size and timestamp of the photo appear to be exactly the same, and I did some random checks by comparing the md5 checksums for some of the filse on the phone to the md5 digest of the photos in the Nextcloud instance and they are identical.

So, I wondering what the cause of this is.

First of all, why is a photo being uploaded when it is already on the server (is it a retry because the app thinks the upload has failed? Or are two uploads run in parallel? Or is it something else?

Secondly, why does the synchronization dialog think that the files are different, while they are definitely identical?

Has anybody else seen this problem?

Also is there a way to debug this problem, or collect some logs that might be helpfull for the developers?

Kind regards,


p.s.: running Nextcloud 26.0.4, nextcloud app version 3.25.0 on a Samsung S21FE with latest patches


For reference, people with this problem should add additional information to GitHub issue Intermittent spurious "sync conflicts" on auto-upload · Issue #11906 · nextcloud/android · GitHub (yet unsolved).