Android nextcloud app | access failed: operation finished with http status code 401

Previously ran Nextcloud v14. Installed nextcloud 15 on hosted server. Wiped and resinstalled Nextcloud 3.4.1 app from F-droid.

When I try to login to the android nextcloud app with user/pass or user/apppassword “I get the access failed: operation finished with http status code 401”

Same thing happens in android when I goto settings / accounts / add account / nextcloud. I try both pass and apppass, dumps out error.

These account login issues did not happen with v14.

Hosted server

Thank you.


I know this is old, but was this ever fixed? I seem to be getting the same error.

In general it is a bad idea to post on an old topic. It is always better to open a new one and provide valuable information about what is happening etc. :wink:
Afaik, this is not a general problem, otherwise more users would have already complained about it. “HTTP 401” is usually indicating an authentication problem.

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