Android Nextcloud 3.5.x How to use the QR code for connecting to server

I dont know what and where to scan to build up a server connection.

Does anyone have a hint ?

Afaik it is not yet supported to use a QR code to connect to a server. Where have you seen this option and to which Nextcloud server version do you want to connect your device?

the android app (3.5.) offers to scan a qr code when you add a new server. there is a qr-code logo below the url line at the setup new server screen of the app.

but where to get a valid qr-code? it’s not the url qr-code.

the manual seems a bit out-dated. or i didn’t find the correct link. @rullzer


Ok, now I understand what you meant. Although the QR code is shown in the app this function has not yet been implemented on the server side, see

server and client dev teams not in sync. :smiley:

It will come with NC16.

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For those still wondering :

  1. /settings/user/security
  2. Devices & sessions
  3. in the input box left of “Create new app password” put “mobile” or something related
  4. Create new app password
  5. Show QR code for mobile apps

Also works on the iOS client.

PS: answer added because the search query “nextcloud qrcode mobile how” lead me here.