Android news app and localisation permissions

Hi everyone,

Today the Android News app started to ask for localisation permitions.
Without that permissions I can not update the news data and I have the error “API is NOT initialized”.

Why that permissions are needed?

I am using the app in the last 2 years without any problem related with this.

It is time to stop using the Nextcloud nesw app?

Many thanks in advance


Hey there,

the news reader has a feature to choose the design based on daytime, if you don’t select that the location permission is not needed. Of course your experience based on the android you are using may vary.

I also had the “API is not initialized” issue I simply went to settings and tried to sign in, choosing the “use the nextcloud app” option and that worked out fine after that syncing did work again.

This seems to be the issue:

Hi Grotax,

This solved the issue. I deleted all the android news app data and made connection again.

I think there are a relation on the two things. The app was installed and configured and the problems started without any configuration change on the phone or app.

Many thanks for your help and stay safe