Android: Is there an Android _Markdown_ App for sync with Nextcloud?

On iOS there is the Markdown editor “1Writer” which works via WebDAV sync with Nextcloud. Now I am looking for a similar app for Android. “Nextcloud Notes” is too simple, because it has no special keyboard for Markdown. Maybe Markor or something - but then how do I make it sync as automatically as possible between the Nextcloud and the device?
Grateful for any hints!

(Just hinting to the context based formatting of Nextcloud Notes in case you missed it :wink: )


Thanks for the quick reply! True, that would also be a possibility. However, I personally prefer to have “typical” MD buttons available like IAWriter etc. Nevertheless: Thanks for the hint!

…and this would work too of course. :wink:

I did not test it yet, but Quillnote looks neat and has an experimental sync function for Nextcloud: GitHub - msoultanidis/quillnote: Take beautiful markdown notes and stay organized with task lists.

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Thank you! I’ll Quillnote give a try!