Android gallery sync not syncing with nextcloud

Camera folder on android stopped syncing.

I attempted to check and uncheck options for wifi unmetered and toggled those etc.
The app use to just sync anytime I took a photo it just started uploading the app to nextcloud server.

I can select photos from the gallery and then share them to nextcloud folder this will get them over to the nextcloud folder manually.

However, auto upload does not seem to be doing anything automatically anymore .

I’m not sure what to check everything has been working flawlessly for a few years then one day I wanted to take a pic and see it on the computer via server etc.

No uploads since about March 5th and not sure why because nothing changed that I know of.

What do you think ?

Same here. All uploads stopped working since early March from my android app. Haven’t figured out why, yet.

For now what I do is just open gallery, select whatever pictures I want to send to nextcloud.

Then use the share feature of the gallery:
and navigate to the nextcloud app.
Sometime if the nextcloud app is not shown up front, there is an icon that says “more” and you should be able to get to the nextcloud icon to select it.
Then it uploads whatever I selected that way.

I can deal with that for now, but would prefer auto upload to just work like it has for years.