Android Foto Sync default behaviour?

When I start Nextcloud App, it builds a list of candidates to upload which can be seen in “Uploads” and starts to upload them to Nextcloud Server.

What happens if I hit the “x” button next to a file? I see that the entry vanishes immediately from the list but I don’t know what that means.

  • will that file skipped and marked as file never to be copied to Nextcloud server?
  • wil this file be deleted the Android device?
  • the file will be selected as candidate to copy again later?

I didn’t ask such specific questions you have…

my observation is:

  • android client uploads all the files in folders you select for upload
  • it will retry upload if it fails
  • it will delete source files only if you check delete files after upload

I have no idea what happens if didn’t check file to delete and skip the file from uploading…

I would suggest you run some tests…

As per what I have tested last years, if you press the X means that you cancel that upload, and that is not re-tried again unless you upload it manually.
If you have enable upload + delete, the workflow is stopped and the file is not uploaded and not deleted from your device.