Android fails to load Nextcloud Office documents


I have a similar problem but only with NC25.0.6 and richdocuments 7.1.3 on Nextcloud Android client when trying to edit an odt file, whereas it is OK with Desktop PC and Firefox browser.

On other version I also have (NC24.0.12+richdocuments 6.3.6) it works perfectly on both Nextcloud Android client and Desktop PC with Firefox browser.

I use the same collabora server (own server), since I had too many stability issues with CODE server in previous releases. Up to now I do not upgrade my “production” setup to NC25 for this reason.

Up to now I was not able to track more precisely th reason for such problem but it would be very useful to get information about working/tested combinations of NC and richdocuments.

BTW I a using NC since NC 13 and improvements have been really impressive with Hubs. Congrats to dev teams.

Hi @Domdom I split you question into separate topic as it seem to have different root cause.

I just tested editing office documents from Android using Client and FF browser. Works fine with NC25 and NC26.

Starting from the point your desktop client works fine and only Android fails one could assume the server side is good in general… the issue must be specific to the mobile client. While it should work the same there are some difference mobile client have - e.g. they always prefer IPv6 or even IPv6-only which might work not as good as IPv4… I would start analyzing browser console while you access your Nextcloud docs if you see any errors or failed requests…

Hi @wwe. Thank you for putting this as a separate topic. To add more context, I used the same mobile for both above tests and the same mobile client. It is IPv4 (from and I do not understand what I could get from browser console on Android since the problem is only occuring with Android Nexcloud Client App version 3.24.2 and NC25.

I do not have issues with Firefox browser neither with laptopPC nor with Android smartphone, which I did check today on the latter case. No POST message is ever received from the web server after the “GET /hosting/discovery HTTP/1.1” 200 7938 “-” “Nextcloud Server Crawler” in the misfunctioning case, whereas it is received in NC24. Hope this helps.

you didn’t provide this information before. If using same device and network browser works and the client not you can verify if using same network other devices e.g. desktop client/browser has any issues. in other words try to isolate and reduce the problem to the smallest possible piece so you can effectively troubleshoot it later…

again the - I tested both client and browser on Android with NC 25 and 26 successfully - for me both works… it looks there is no generic issue

UPDATE: today I stumbled over this issue… maybe this what you are looking for


Yes indeed I have the exact same issue as what is described in the link you provided, but with NC25 in my case. Will update to richdocuments 8.01 and keep you updated. Thank you for the information

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