Android enterprise support?

I may have touched on enterprise use in the past @Andy, but this is slightly different.

Rather than uploading a config payload into an MDM platform alongside the NC app to automatically setup the NC client on a per-user basis, Android for Work APIs can be used within the app to provide these configuration fields to administrators as soon as the app is uploaded.

For example, an email client:

Let’s me set the user, server and even password, making deployments to endpoints so easy it’s hardly even believable.

If the NC app can hook into the Android for Work platform I think you’d have a pretty attractive offering for businesses running 10’s of hundreds (/thousands) of android endpoints.

And the beauty is, users can have NC installed for both work and personal, meaning the business controls (and can remove) the data in the NC AfW installed app (identified by a small briefcase icon on the app icon) meanwhile the normally installed NC app connects to the user’s own NC and can’t be tampered with by the business at all.

I can both provide access to my EMM lab environment for testing and/or document the setup and deployment of the app under Android for Work.

Hi @JasonBayton,

Sounds like a very interesting feature and adding further support for enterprise is also important to help Nextcloud’s growth. Thanks for the offering of infrastructure, that will definitely be of great help :slight_smile:

Cc @tobiasKaminsky

I spoke to the davdroid dev earlier who had some issues around supported country, but as his app is a paid application in the store that was why. NC won’t have that problem.

CC @mario as it’d be awesome to get a fully MDM-managed implementation before EoY.

After more discussions I think we have a solution in place to allow distribution and managed configs while still providing options for licensing.

@mario I got even more insight into the process from a developer PoV. Anything I can do to help bring this to life… :thumbsup:

Folks I’m bumping this back into discussion.

@andy @tobiasKaminsky

DAVdroid now have a fully working solution (to be launched officially imminently) meaning while I can fully provision calendar and contacts, Nextcloud still needs to deployed manually.

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@jospoortvliet and @frank too!

Hi @JasonBayton I totally support your cause! Unfortunately I won’t have much time due to the day job which will likely stay this way until xmas, end of jan, end of feb… So calling @tobiasKaminsky and @mario to the rescue.

Yeah, Mario said it isn’t hard to add - we just haven’t had a customer ask for it…

Chicken and egg, people don’t know it can be done so don’t ask. You don’t get asked so don’t do it.

Mario keeps telling me it’s easy, so make it a hack week task or something :slight_smile: maybe even @davdroid could look into it

Well, I see it simple - if somebody needs it, they can sign up to become a customer and help pay for it :wink:

Any update on this? I mean on iOS/iPadOS it is possible via “appconfig”.