Android downloaded images not in gallery/fotos

When I download images via Android client, they are not shown in the Gallery App or Google Fotos App. I can find them with an explorer app in the selected download folder (/storage/emulated/0/Android/media/…).

After some time (and hour or more) they show up in the gallery app. I’ve read that there is a process on android scanning folders for new media files but it should actually run more often so it should not take that long until images show up. I’ve experienced the issue on 3 phones already (2 different Nokia and a OnePlus).

Is there a way to fix that?

Not that I am aware of. They show up in the gallery when Android (as in the operating system) indexes the images and that is something I am not aware of can be influenced by the user :confused:

Anyone else experiences those long waiting times?

So I expect Android to be the issue then. I have it on 3 different Phones, the oldest is a Nokia 9. Before that I had a Nexus 6p and there I think I don’t had it. ALso on the Nokia I’m not sure if I had it at the beginning. So maybe an Android updated changed that?

Hard to tell from here :frowning:


it happens to me as well from time to time, sometimes I even need to restart the phone to see them.

The only thing it might help is put your phone charging. I have seen that when the mobile is fully charged all the photos appear, but I cannot ensure if that is somethin really helping.

What I’ve found, is that a photo is immediately available in the gallery when I attach the phone via USB and copy a photo somewhere in the nextcloud media folder. So it’s not about indexing, because the photo is available immediately. However, if I just chose “download” to get the same photo in the same folder via nextcloud app, the gallery app is not aware of it. I wonder if there is some filesystem event to inform that a new file is available, that nextcloud app is not sending (or hiding from filesystem)

If I copy a downloaded photo using “my files” app, it also is indexed immediately (even to a subfolder, so it’s not a permission issue)

So simple manual workaround is:

  1. download a photo in the nextcloud app
  2. go to MyFiles app
  3. select photo and choose “Copy”
  4. Use “CopyHere” button and rename to automatically create a new photo with (1) appended. This will appear in the Gallery App immediately