Android: disable default google account for contacts

I’m using DAVx5 to sync my contacts to my Android phone. Everything works technically.

There is one annoying thing bugging me: When adding a new contact, I have to “unchoose” my default google account, and select the DAVx5 one, everyt time. This is doable, but not optimal, as I already forgot to do it, and then it’s a hassle…delete from google, re-add, etc. Worst is if you dont notice adding it to google at all.

Is there a workaround, or even a real solution, for my problem?


Hey @benzkji
and welcome to the userforum of Nextcloud where usually things are discussed that belong to Nextcloud, directly.

You’ve put out a question that doesn’t belong to NC… It seems to be a general androidproblem… usually I, myself would search the net for a solution and I’m sure there are some dozens.
but nevertheless. Here’s one for you, though

goto contacts within your Android… choose “set up”… look for “defaultaccount for adding new contacts” and check “dav5x”

thank you. so easy. yes, you are totally right! just a plain android problem. sorry.

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