Android copy vs move on upload - there has to be a better way


As a long time on-again/off-again user of owncloud, I’m excited to get stuck in to nextcloud and explore the new features & functionality - so far I’ve dabbled with the new public upload-only option and it’s silky smooth. Nice.

One of my biggest complaints about the owncloud android client was the duplication of data. It drove me mad constantly having to manage storage when - as you can imagine - 100 5MB photos auto-uploaded would consume 1000MB on storage, and I take a lot of photos.

owncloud kinda, sorta tried to resolve it by implementing move vs copy, but that introduces headaches. I want to keep my files where they are, certainly those in DCIM as fragmenting them around the filesystem and into obscure directories for apps is less than ideal.

So what’s the blocker in implementing functionality similar to other apps that allow upload (dropbox, onedrive, google photos, etc) without duplicating data? What is it they’re able to do that owncloud cannot, and is that something nextcloud devs can resolve? (ping @Andy here as I saw you in another thread).

I was wondering (and I’m by no means an expert, so feel free to disregard): can softlinks not be used in case of the file existing, prompting the download only if the softlink no longer works when the file is opened in the nc client (ie original file removed)? If not can nextcloud not duplicate it, upload the file, delete the duplicated file and utilise only a placeholder - similar to the new functionality on onedrive for windows - until that file is opened on the device, save keeping everything permanently on storage? I appreciate there’s a question about offline functionality with that, but perhaps it could be a settings option.

I’ve no doubt everything will improve gradually, but as this is still a stopper for me utilising the android client at the moment I’m hoping it gets some tlc soon!

Hi @JasonBayton

such a thing especially for media like the camera folder oder any other created by other applicaitons like Whatsapp, Instagramm and others that create and store media on your device is a use case we already thought about and @tobiasKaminsky has already been working on, see
We are still in the middle of sorting things but the best way to get thing going is actually opening an issue in the app’s ticket system and kickstart the discussion :slight_smile:

As a side note, this would work like one is used to from other cloud storage apps with the camera folder being the standard use case most users might have.

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Thanks Andy, I’ll open it as an issue and see where it goes from there!

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great! Thanks for that! :slight_smile: I just pinged Tobias within the issue.

Am I mistaken? It looks like the app has updated with new options!

Not that I know of but (on f-droid) you can now see the stable release and a beta which has way more features than the stable but also has some bugs here and there since it is mainly to get things tested on a variety of devices