Android contacts sync doesn't work

I installed a second Nextcloud Instance on a proxmox-server. With this instance I got the problem that I cannot sync my Contacts from my Android phone, but Calendar works.

Any hints?

I can add new adressbooks on my phone with OpenSync and I can see them in my nextcloud, but it doesn’t sync my contacts. I can add new contacts in NC, and they’re added in my phone. But my Contacts on my Phone are not send to my NC.

have you tried davdroid for sync?

nope, I’m using OpenSync since it’s free and it worked before.

davdroid is free as well… :wink: and besides that - it’s the suggested app for sync.
plus: it works. i have it working on one of my mobiles.

can’t tell you anything about open sync, sorry.

davdroid costs about 4€ on the playstore and F-Droid tells me “apk not found”.

Opensync is a fork of davdroid: “

Plus it worked before.

I installed now davdroid.
It looks the same + it doesn’t sync my phone contacts either

so what did you change in the meanwhile?

nothing. Just installed a new NC. But I found the issue. Out of the sudden I need to copy my contacts to the OpenSync/DavDroid contactbook with a copy app or something like that. Then it works. I didn’t do that before. Strange.

I’d generally advice to use DAVDroid especially since Open* is a simple, unmaintained rip off of:

  • Nextcloud
  • DAVDroid
  • K-9 Mail

So it doesn’t release new versions, it is just rebranded from version created a long time ago, no support, etc.

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