Android cloud account should be central

Hi there,
i was talking with someone about how useful it is to have the google account always in a central way in place.
As i don’t use google apps anymore and cover a bunch of things through Nextcloud - i was brought to the idea that such a feature is missing here, since i have to add my account details to each Nextcloud app (like notes, rss, davdroid, …) again and again. Wouldn’t it be useful to have this thing centralized in Android?

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Hi @tchncs,

this is something that has actually been discussed in the past but to be honest we haven’t yet found the time to tackle this feature and do an implementation but imho it is definitely something which add a lot of value a seamless integration to the Android app ecosystem of Nextcloud :thumbsup:

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Yeah, that would be really cool! :slight_smile:

I also made David of the account-importer aware of this discussion: – let’s see if we can build on that. :slight_smile:

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