[Android-Client] problems with data transfer

I have several problems with the nextcloud client for Android.
Most of them exists for a while - but they were harmless and just annoying - so I didn’t report them here.
But now I have a really secure problem: in the last months my possible LTE data transfer volume is gone in a few days - Android reports, that the nextcloud app is the top data transferer.
And that although I set all my automatical upload directories to “only upload when connected to free WiFi”.
What’s going on there?
I also noticed yesterday that nextcloud does not respect my setting regarding “only upload when connected to free WiFi” - it tries to upload when I’m only connected via edge mobile!

I also have the following (minor) problems in the android client:

  • the app very often finds a “new” potential directory for automatic uploads - but in reality this is not new, it’s already configured…
  • the app often tries to upload changed files from my Smartphone to the cloud - but in reality there have nothing changed (I never change existing files at the phone - only at my desktop - an option for that would be nice)
  • sometimes I even get conflicts for existing file - which seems to be changed in the cloud and also at the phone; but in reality they’ve not changed anywhere
  • since a few versions I have the additional problem that I very often see failed uploads marked as “file does no longer exist at the phone” - what’s that?

I use NC15.0.7 and the newest official Android client (3.6.0) - background data transfer is currently switched on.
My phone is a BQ Aquaris X2 Pro with Android 8.1.0, security level 2019-03-01

Actually I just want that the NC client to transfer my (new) pictures and films which I make with my phone camera to my cloud (as backup) and I want access to the files which are stored at the cloud - but readonly for all existing files would be enough; all changes (not additions!) will be made at my PC !
So I never ever change a cloud file from my Android phone - I only create new ones :wink:

You have to report your problems here: https://github.com/nextcloud/android/issues