Android Client on Pixelbook

Good Morning,
Would it be possible to allow the Android version of NextCloud to be installed on the Google Pixelbook? I am seeing that it is not available for this device when I try to install it.

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It’s a shame that the Nextcloud app works on cheaper Chromebooks, but “not available” for the flagship Pixelbook. I am sure the Android app works on Intel CPUs as it worked on Android x86.

Is there an option Nextcloud devs missed in the Play Store?

@tobiasKaminsky Can you please comment if it is planned to support Pixelbooks in the future?


According to Google Play Store it is supported.
@anindyamaiti “shame” is a harsh word…I could only test it with a Chromebook and there I could install it.
What does happen for you? Do you see “app is not compatible” when searching for the app?
You have this one?

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I meant no disrespect. Yes, I have the 2017 Pixelbook with i7 CPU. And yes, I see the app is not compatible error in Play Store just for the Nextcloud app. Other apps in Play Store are install-able. I will try resetting the Play Store and report back if it changes anything. Thanks.