[Android client] logging in via barcode not working?

When trying to connect my Nextcloud Android client to my freshly installed Nextcloud server using the barcode method (Settings -> Security -> Generate App code, Show QR code for mobile apps), I do not get past the spinning circle with the message “Trying to log in…” when scanning the barcode.

Then, when I finally wanted to take a screenshot of the message above, the client returned me to the login page, where I could choose the option “Alternative log in using app token”.
However, when I entered the provided app token, I got a quick error (which vanished before I could read it properly, something with “http login failed 401”) and I was returned to the login page.

Looking at the logs ( /settings/admin/logging), I see a whole bunch of "Login failed: ‘’(Remote IP: ‘’), roughly corresponding to the timestamps of my login attempts.

Apparently, something didn’t come through properly. Since the App token is 25 random chars long (29 including the dashes), it’s a f*cking pain to enter on a mobile phone and pretty error-prone. Especially since there’s no way of showing / checking the password before submitting.
Hence, I cannot rule out having made a typo here.

My final attempt (after I had clicked ‘Done’ on the App code generation page) was transfering the app token via a text file to my mobile phone, copying the token to memory and pasting it into the Nextcloud app. Only then access was granted.

So, in retrospect, I’m wondering:

  1. Is the app token only valid after clicking ‘Done’? This would be pretty dumb since both the Password and the QR code vanish forever after that. I hope we’re not expected to take screenshots to be able to use this feature…
  2. Why is there no option (the little infamous eye) on password fields when using mobile?
  3. Are the dashes in the generated password mandatory, as in, will login fail if the user omits them when entering on mobile? If so, IMHO this should be fixed or indicated more clearly.

System info:

  • Nextcloud 18.0.3
  • Nextcloud Android app 3.11.0 (installed on Samsung S8 / Android 9)

Please open an issue on https://github.com/nextcloud/android/issues/new/choose and mention @tobiasKaminsky since he implemented this feature (which should just work)