Android Client is uploading unchanged files (many of them)

I use it to sync my music library to the phone.

The Server=>Phone direction works quite nice, however in the Phone=>Server direction the Client decides to upload files that have not changed at all. That is by the hundreds after few days and by thousands after few weeks.

I can not see a correlation between the files I played (using Poweramp Music Player) and the ones uploaded by Nextcloud.

I did not do any tag editing, rating or whatsoever on the files.

I handpicked a few uploads and inspected the server side manually: it does create a new version of each in the files_versions/… subtree.
However, using md5sum (or shasum) on the newly uploaded one in files/ and on the older one in files_versions/ shows that there is absolutely no change of the data.

What is the Android Client looking at to decide whether to upload a file?

Maybe some timestamp?

(its not just access time, because I see files being uploaded that I did not play, while files I play are not uploaded right away)

cc @mario for upload magic :slight_smile:

Hey, what version of the app?

the app is 3.0.0 RC3

this was updated recently, I think this also happened with a 2.something before.

the server is ownCloud 9.1.7

  1. You can try stable 3.0.0 please
  2. I’m not sure we really support ownCloud since we do not test on it, but it should just work ™ probably

its updated to 3.0.0 and a sync is running.

I played roughly 100 to 200 files yesterday and today.

So far the sync uploaded one file which was not played. The check with sha1sum shows there is no change in data (between files/ and files_versions/ dirs).

Looking at the file with the desktop audio player it says it was played last on November 25th 2017.

… sync finished while typing this: so its one file this time. lets wait a day and see …

one more thing: I inspected another file using sha1sum, one where I did change a tag. This shows two different sha1sums as expected.

We use timestamps + crc32. Between those two things, it really shouldn’t upload things that are not changed.

no new false-uploads so far. But I never watched so close in time… will post again in a few days.

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it updated to 3.0.1 meanwhile.

No false-upload during last 5 days.

However, I also did not see a full sync completing itself. Even after ~10 hours on WiFi without network interruption, it did not finish but was interrupted when I left the office. So I do not know whether it really checked all files.

That behaviour is new. I’ll keep watching.

no false-uploads this week. I consider this fixed, whatever it was.

Though, the check-files part of the sync is much slower with the 3.0.1. Is this power-saving? I observe the phone not getting as hot as it used to be with the 2.x versions.

I still have not seen a sync having checked all files during a work day. My music library is 49GB in ~6400 files.

Hm it should be ble to go through the entire library. Let me check…