Android client - Internal memory now full after adding video uploads

I’m running nextcloud on a raspberry pi with the phone, pixel 7a. I was able to back up photos, no issues. noticed videos were not being backup so I make a change on the phone and suddenly I am out of space on the phone. it almost looks like temp files are being created over and over but failing to complete whatever process. these are screenshots of my phone. again, this only happened after I tried to update videos to the pi. at this point, I constantly run our of free space and the phone is starting to shut down. how to I delete whatever is going on and make sure this does not happen again? even when I delete files to make space, next thing I know it’s all gone

Precisely what did you change? Did you add a new auto-upload profile for videos? If so, what are the settings you used for the profile?

Also, can you confirm you don’t have your auto-upload destination folder set to be synced back to your phone or something like that?

thanx for the quick response. on my phone I went to media, show videos. I did not add a new profile for auto upload, it should have now (my assumption) backed up photos and video. previously video was not selected.

how could I confirm the syncing you were asking. the problem now is I can not do much on the phone. I deleted some old videos on the phone, freed up 450 mg, shutdown, started up, confirmed I had 400 mb free space and 2 mins later all gone.

if I need to uninstall, cool. but I do not want the app to delete the information on the phone. I think my problem at the root is I don’t have anything (and can not add any new apps or anything) which would allow me to see all the files/folders on the phone. I’m limited to the stock file mgr that comes with the phone and I’m guessing I could delete a temp folder there. any ideas what the options are at this point or additional information that would be helpful here?