Android Client - how to remove folder in auto uploads

I’m using the android app v3.7.1 on my MI 9 (Android 9) since a few days. I have added some folders in the “Auto Uploads” section. Now I want to delete some of the folder I added - but the “Delete” button is not visible on the settings page of some folders:

How can I remove the second folder in the screenshot?

Anyone :anguished: ?

Hi @Ola_f,

you can’t. The first scteenshot shows a so called custom folder, this is something you explicitely defined an thus you can also delete this configuration. teh 2nd screenshot shows a typicall media folder which the app detects via Android’s media index, such folders can only be activated/deactivated. A future version might offer a hide-option for such auto-detected folders while work hasn’t sstarted on such a feature yet.