Android client giving nextcloud server a black eye

your server is only as good as the clients that are used to access it. the android client has had issues for years with auto-upload issues. you might want to pay someone to review it for long term stability. this is currently giving your product negative feedback
It seems that the whole sync/auto/upload design should be reviewed for a better solution and maintainability.

Looking at label count these features have the most issues open:

  • feature: auto upload 219 open
  • feature: sync and upload (that isn’t auto upload specific) 175 open
  • Performance is a distant 3rd at only 97

All of the label categories - not just feature: auto-upload and feature: sync and upload - likely contain duplicate reports as well as invalid or already fixed matters.

Also, only 80 of those 219 are tagged as bug reports. And 62 of the 175 for feature: sync and upload. The rest are enhancement ideas and requests:

Recent efforts in that repository to work through the outdated Issue backlog have primarily focused on the lowest hanging fruit (so far) in terms of duplicates, no longer applicable Issues, and accurate categorization.

Issue triaging takes loads of time. Feel free to help by:

  • noting those that seem to have the same underlying cause (duplicates)
  • checking for validity
  • attempting to reproduce
  • following up with reporters to get missing information, debug logs, etc.

For what it’s worth, auto-uploads work fine for me on v3.26.0, but I’m just a sample size of one and obviously there are different setting values, OS versions, OS variations, server settings and versions, update paths, and device combinations.

I do agree that things can be better.

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