Android client deletes synced files after lost connection

For whatever reason when my phone (Samsung S23, Nextcloud Android app, version 3.27.0) looses connection to my nextcloud server, it decides that all the synced files are to be deleted. This happened three times already and I have to re-download (resync) everything, so you can imagine this is supremely frustrating.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi @GrimMalazan - Can you elaborate a bit more on what you mean by “loses connection”? Does the client say “No internet connection” or “Server is in maintenance mode” or what?

When you say “re-download” are you having to open the menu on a file/folder and select Download/Sync again or are you saying the client starts re-downloading everything again on its own?

I access my nextcloud server via a vpn connection, so if the vpn server dies → nextcloud connection dies. I woke up today with a bunch of DavX notification that all read along the lines “cannot sync”, “no connection”, etc. I promptly restarted the server. If there are any app logs I can share with you, just tell me where they are and I shall share them.

It does not start syncing the files on it’s own, which is strange in its own way, the files are completely gone from the phone and I have to go into the folder and click on the three dots → sync.

I have observed something similar with the Android tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab S7) from my wife. She has added a bunch of PDFs on Nextcloud through the desktop client (Ubuntu 23.10, nautilus-nextcloud) and synced them locally on the tablet. She made edits to ~ 20 PDFs during the weekend while offline. When we came back, she tried to sync the modifications back: the app crashed and when she launched it again and synced, all files got reverted to the version from a few days ago. The Nextcloud server version is 28.0.1, and the Android app 3.28.