Android client can upload pictures to Nextcloud folder, but not download

Hello, I’m new to this community and maybe my post is wrong here, but I give it a try :slight_smile:

I have my Nextcloud up and running. Everything ist working perfect. But one thing is bugging me. With my android Nextcloud client I’m trying to sync some pictures up and down with Nextcloud. Therefor I have a folder “Pictures” at the cloud and the same folder “Pictures” on my android smartphone. Now I’m able to upload Pictures from the phone to the Cloud via automatic upload. But I can’t download pictures from the cloud to the phone? Nextcloud client does download the pictures to the phone, but not to the upload folder. The pictures are stored to the nextcloud app folder, but this don’t make any sense? Am I wrong here? At least I don’t understand it. If I have a folder to “sync” it should work up and down to the same folder? Thanks for any explanation :slight_smile: