Android client 1.3.1 does not show menu for share options and calendar

Installed nextcloud clients on Macbook Pro and android phone LGL34C. Admin accounts are on Macbook and Android.

Macbook will display button Files menu with drop down displaying Files, Activity, … +Apps.
Android client does not have button Files and no other displays for Files, Activity, … +Apps.

Therefore, Android is not able to add apps or do other activities or even to make shares.

Why are admin functions limited on Android?

Long tapping on a directory/file selects it, allowing for actions to be undertaken using the menu in the top right - including share. Calendar/Contacts are handled via DAVdroid. I guess this is because the functionality isn’t built in yet? @Andy might know.

Everything else can be done through the web interface.

Thanks @JasonBayton for revealing the long tapping gesture.
Where is long tapping documented at?
Yes, Calendar/Contacts handled via DAVdroid … got it!

Does the Android have a menu which displays +Apps button as the Macbook does?

Does “Everything else can be done through the web interface” mean the Android client doesn’t have the functionality of the Macbook? @Andy might know. Thanks!

I can’t imagine there will be full feature parity between the phone app and a desktop app, but the web interface is very well put together for mobile devices and does have the app switcher.

Long-tap is a standard mobile action, I guess no one thought about documenting it? :slight_smile:

Thanks @JasonBayton. I got. “Everything else can be done through the web interface”.
No full feature parity between phone app and desktop app.
I appreciate your time. Have a great day!:slight_smile:

The Android app currently “only” supports files but we want to add further features to the app in the future like activity and notifications (as in Nextcloud notifications)

Thank you very much @Andy

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