Android browser based file upload

Hi All,

Trying to upload file to folder via browser from android browser there is no “upload”/+ button.
Server side it is NC13, shared folder via link with password protection and expire date in the future.
All works fine from desktop browser.

Seems like what is rendered on mobile browser intentionally doesn’t have an option for upload.

Tried with following browsers on mobile side:

  • Samsung Internet (browser, it is S7 on 7.0 Android)
  • Chrome
  • Dolphin

Switching on Dolphin browser into “Desktop” view mode - upload button appeared and offered option to upload file - worked fine.

This does not seem to be a limitation on the system side, but some sort of intentional limitation of browser type of folder view.

p.s. please move it to proper category as I couldn’t find where to move it. Thought it should be “files” or “folders” but couldn’t find anything related under apps.

Do you have the app “music” activated?
This was responsible for some errors in some mobile browsers:

Try to deactivate it and try it again :wink:

That was it! Many thanks - disabling “Music” app did the trick and it works fine now!

Great spot, great, thanks!

No problem :wink: The next update will fix this behavior :wink: