Android bookmark app won't connect

I have installed and populated the Bookmarks app on my Nextcloud 13.0.6. For some reason, the android (bookmark) app fails to connect to my server. I do have a self-signed SSL certificate, and I suspect that may be the problem, but I don’t know how to fix it. I am also using the general Nextcloud android app, which works fine, though iirc, it did ask me to confirm the certificate. The bookmark app hasn’t done that. Can anyone help?

It is the selfsigned Cert. I found no way arround and have now an official Cert.

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Ah. That’s what I was afraid of :frowning: Still disappointing though. I am unable to get a real cert because my ISP blocks incoming http port, and I don’t have access to change my DNS records (provided by Yunohost). Thank you for your reply.