[Android] Auto upload - unhide folder

Hi all,

I’m new to the app and was facing a configuration which I cannot revert back.
In auto-upload configuration, I pressed the three-dots button and checked the ‘Hide folder’ option for a synced directory I have previously configured. I was trying to find how to revert it, and show this folder back again. Also, from what I saw, I now no longer have access to its configuration anymore (to my understanding, editing the configuration of a synced folder is done with the three dots button. But since folder is now hidden, I no longer have access to it, nor having the option to cancel it).

I thought that ‘Show hidden files’ option in settings will bring it back, but from what I understand, it only allow syncing hidden files from filesystem.

Anyone knows how to revert the configuration back and re-show the hidden folder on auto-upload screen?


sure, scroll to the very bottom of auto-upload configuration and select show hidden.