Android app v3.28.2 unable to upload

Hi. With the above version I’m unable to upload files to nextcloud getting “you don’t have permission to send” If I use the desktop Nexcloud app from Ubuntu 22.04 there is no problem. Also Davx for calendar and contacts works.

Any hint ?


Even, if you try to upload into the same folder as with the Android-app?

Try version 3.28.0 from fdroid:

(you will need permit installation apps from different sources)

Yes. I would prefere to solve the problem with version from store, it was working at a time. Thanks for the tip.

Where is this message appearing? Can you provide the specific steps that trigger this behavior?

Wait, I got it: folders I created on the desktop application Nextcloud 3.12.3 are NOT created on the server but the Android application have them in cache, those I try to send to non existing folders !

How is this possible and why synchonisation from desktop tells everything is OK without creating and copying content of those folders?

Have a look into “Activities” of the desktop-app, whether upload really was successful.
Second: check the Administrative settings - Logging after login via browser to your Nextcloud, whether the upload returned errors or not.

Nextcloud shows some files but when I want to access them they where not existing. I backuped my Nextcloud dir on computer, removed all files in Nextcloud and copy them back on my Desktop Nextcloud dir. After synchronization was done, everything went back to normal, Desktop as well as android app.

My conclusion is that Nextcloud doesn’t check if a file present in his cache or db is physically existing