Android App uploads 6 images max?


I try offloading Fotos from my Phone (Nexus 6P, Android 7.1 or whatever is recent) to my nextcloud.

  1. is there a way to move files to the cloud (not copy)?
  2. from Google Gallery -> Select 15 photos -> share -> Nextcloud -> Size: Original only uploads 6 images. Is there a limit in size or number of files? Is it the App or is it Android setting the limit?

problem is: i never know which 6 images the app uploaded, uploading again gives me some (2) files which is rather annoying.

Is there a gallery apps that natively supports own/nextcloud?
What would you consider “Best practice” for this usecase?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @mattiscb

not sure about the exact limit, but data wise there is definitely a limit in the number of files you can share between apps at once.
If the files are on your device than you can simply go into the Nextcloud app, navigate to the folder where you want the files to be uploaded, choose the +Button on the bottom right, choose upload, navigate to the local folder with the photos, choose all (via the top right menu) and hit upload, then the Nextcloud client will queue all the selected files to be uploaded. After that, navigate (main menu) to Auto Upload and activate it for the image folders you want to be uploaded whenever a new image is created in any of the selected folders. Then you should be all set.