Android App: Troubleshooting "Auto Upload"


I would like to backup 2K Android photos to a target directory on a NCP (Nextcloud Pi). The NC-App is configured with the NCP’s URL and is able to retrieve files. I have tried to configure the ‘Auto Upload’ to copy the files to the NCP, but no files were transferred. :slightly_frowning_face: I would like to understand if the “Auto Upload” only uploads new content? or is it expected to upload the older photos as well?

I have configured the enable and configured the source (Android) directory to copy photos to the target directory: /PhotosKyocera and I always receive a ‘Battery optimization’ warning and I checked the setting: Battery Saver = off. I was expecting the sync to begin immediately.

Android Device Screenshot: ‘Auto Upload’ enabled for source directory

Any diagnostic questions are appreciated. The goal is to backup Android photos to the NCP.


  1. Did I miss a configuration or activation step?
  2. Is my expectation to ‘Auto Upload’ all old photos, in the directory, incorrect?


Tutorial Video Reference and Photo from How to set auto-upload on the Nextcloud mobile app

It only uploads new pictures. You must copy over old pictures manually once.