Android app sync re-downloads EVERYTHING?

Selecting sync on a folder (in my case music) in the Android client doesn’t just update changes, it re-downloads EVERYTHING! Including files that haven’t changed in forever (music doesn’t change…) Is there no way to just sync new files? I don’t need to download 10GB of data each time I add one new song to my shared folder. Can you imagine if I was on my data instead of wifi? That would be my phone bill for an entire year!

I’m assuming I’m doing something wrong here, or is there another way I should be syncing my stuff?

I want an offline copy stored on my phone so that I can use any music player I want and I can take my music with me. But, I want it to sync to my NC so that my phone, computer etc. all have the same files.

Anyone else have this issue or know how to work-around it? Thanks in advance!

I gave up trying to do any type of synchronizing with the Android client.
It makes for a somewhat ok file explorer.

The work around for me is “synchronize Ultimate”

Have the same issue. Sync deletes the offline copy and re-downloads all files.