Android App Sync Not Working At All

I am hesitant to pay $0.99 for the ios app for my ios devices now that I could not get android app to sync directories!
The app on Android N does not have a menu item named “Instant Upload” for camera. It does, instead, have only the Auto Upload menu when configured, takes no action whatsoever. When I select several galleries listed under auto upload screen and set them on, setting Newly created folders on the server, there is absolutely no action taken by the app. I see nothing on my nextcloud logs, apache logs or firewall logs related to this. The App on Android N also does not do Instant Uploads of newly taken pictures or videos. I have tried this using the stock camera app on Galaxy S7 Edge as well as several other camera apps from the F-Droid & Play Store. I also did cross check with verisions from both stores to no avail.
The app on Android M has a setting menu item for Instant Uploads but not for folder sync. Instant Upload worked fine on HTC One M8 using the stock camera app. thouh I have no means of syncing the entire gallery with the nextcolud server unless I upload each item manually.
My server is version 11.0.2, set up on ubuntu 16.04 with php-fpm.
On a side note, my Linux Desktop client is experiencing a common issue of Uncaught Error: Access to undeclared static property: OC\Files\Filesystem::$normalizedPathCache while uploading large video files.

I am not sure about the instant upload, but you need to take care that the standard energy saving mode for apps is disabled for most apps that should do things in background without help from external activation services like google gcm etc.

About syncing the whole camera folder: Nextcloud (as owncloud) desktop client does not support the synchronisation of a whole folder, which also I would reaaally love to see. So you can only manually upload and download single files and use the instant upload. If you want to have a whole folder synchronised, your need another app like i.e. “FolderSync”, which does not support instant upload, but you can set it up to synchronise your camera folder in short time intervals. That is the reason I never used owncloud/nextcloud clients on Android, because I need some folders synchronised and always locally available on my phone.

I don’t think power savers have any relation to this issue as the Nextcloud app is running on the foreground and yet not taking any action when a picture is taken with the camera app.
I finally found an app that Instant Upload/Auto Upload works with. It is the The Open Camera app but only works if the storage location is set to internal storage but a folder OTHER than the native camera’s storage dir! It does not work with external SD Card either.
It is not much of a “cloud” without the clients providing desired functions. I have Tonido, which is ridiculously trivial to install and use, that does folder syncs in a heartbeat. But No, it will not upload files larger than 2GB, thus, I am here looking for other “cloud” solutions. I’ve spent a fair amount of time installing and configuring NextCloud on my server only to my “finest” disappointment with the available clients.
I’m not giving this up yet, but as it stands, it may not be worth for a mainstream “personal” cloud user to invest so much time installing and configuring a server only to yield a very limited functionality.

The auto upload is fixes with the latest 1.4.2 RC2 which should solve all camera upload issues for you. A sync is on the road map and also custom folders.

Good afternoon,

it doesn’t seem to be working for me either. Will there be an update soon?

Did yo u get it working?

@MichaIng @mates Did either of you get it to work eventually? I have a new phone and it doesn’t sync either.

Folder Sync never worked but as @Andy mentioned above, the android client 1.4.2 RC2 fixed the Auto Upload when a picture is taken.