Android App "Server in maintenance Mode"

Hi all,

I have an Issue in the Android Client. It shows always Server in Maintenance Mode. I’ve check config.php but there is maintenance=false. Also the rest of NC works normal.

Regards Jens

Hi @jeroedel

can you access the instance from your mobile browser?
Could you provide a bit more information about your setup (which versions of app, of NC, webserver, how NC was installed etc)? Otherwise helping is very hard…


Hi, yes access via mobile browser is possible.

NC Version
PHP 7.3.5
Apache with nginx revers proxy
NC Setup via offical Plesk Extension
Android App Version 3.12.0 RC2 (but the same issue on the non beta app)

If access works through the mobile web browser maybe you are somehow triggering a bug in the app? Sounds like this would be worth reporting to their github repository with a detailed description of your setup.

I had a similar issue. I had to install the missing php modules and the issue went away. I did a apt-get autoremove and it removed some of the PHP 7.2 modules which are needed. I installed the mission modules and the message from the android app disappeared.