Android App - Please stop the confusion!

Ok. Here we go… I had the NextCloud Android app. I ended up downloading the Beta app from f-droid. now there is another beta. So we have these apps, Nextcloud, Nextcloud Beta and I guess Nextcloud Beta Beta (F-droid) ???

I tried Nextcloud beta it still doesn’t do what Nextcloud Beta Beta does. All I want is to be able to view a picture off my Nextcloud server WITHOUT downloading the stupid picture to my phone… very simple. Nextcloud Beta Beta (F-droid) does this. Not Nextcloud or Nextcloud Beta.

This is so freaking aggravating it’s a simple task. I talked about this before I just don’t understand WHY Nextcloud will not add this feature to their App??? It’s ALREADY built and working !!! I’m tired of waiting for the picture to download and constantly deleting pictures out of my download folder every time I view a picture. Take the feature from the F-Droid version and add it to the Nextcloud regular version. Simple!!!

I just want to pull my hair out and scream.

For your next question… I DO NOT want F-Droid installed on my phone. I don’t want to keep manually downloading the beta remove the installed 1 and reinstall the new version of the beta. I want it to auto update from Google Play.

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So excluding f-droid, I believe we have:

  • Stable
  • Beta
  • Dev

Stable and Beta can be gotten through the Play Store, dev is GitHub builds:

The naming convention recently (finally) got updated, so it makes more sense. Perhaps you’ll get the feature you’re after from Dev, though be aware it may be broken on occasion as it’s as close to the source as you’ll get.

@mario @tobiasKaminsky might have other comments.


Stable is stable
dev= daily
beta = RC

The reason why we changed “nightly” to “dev” is that it is only built if there are code changes. So it can happen that there are 3 days without a new dev.
This had confused people which expected to get a new nightly every…well…night.

on Fdroid:
Stable and beta (RC1,2) for upcoming version is the regular app: “Nextcloud”
(beta must be chosen manually in details and is not only available prior a new release)

dev is named “Nextcloud dev” on fdroid.

This is also described with a little more details in:

Hi, Thanks for the breaking it down for me not so confusing now. I downloaded the new beta and it seems the viewing of photos off my Nextcloud server is back to downloading them. Can you please look into having the viewing work without downloading the image? This is really a pain in the *** . I liked it when I could click on the image and view it, zoom in and out without waiting for the image to download to my phone. Or did I miss something and the feature is there but not turned on?


@rickinfl it will come back but we need to finish up 1.5.0 first before @tobiasKaminsky will find the time to bring it back to the beta