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Hi all,

we will soon be ready to have a new release finished up and ready to release. Since the Android Team is rather small we will not just ship stable releases but also make use of the beta program of the app store. So we will release a new version as a release candidate to the beta channel and leave it there for about two weeks monitoring any issues on the smaller user base and after that will release it as stable with bug fixes found during the beta time.

So in case you want to test drive new releases please join the beta program:

As for the f-droid users we do public beta releases that can be run in parallel and ship with many new features which might not be too stable but give you the opportunity to test out new stuff and provide us with valuable feedback and bug reports so we can polish features before shipping them to the masses. :slight_smile:


So it will be released to the FDroid beta channel at the same time? Currently I have both beta and stable installed via FDroid, although beta crashes every 30 seconds or so (Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime). I’ll be curious to see if the new beta does the same thing…

Pinned until end of the month.

@Bugsbane No it won’t since the beta on f-droid is something different, we now work with three kinds of releases

  • stable: to be released to f-droid and Play store
  • beta: only released to f-droid and can be installed in parallel
  • release candidate: Play store beta release

If the app crashes directly during the start please open a new issue on the tracker. Are you running the latest beta release (Version 20160621)?
The “real” beta thus doesn’t do the same thing since it is another app which ships with a bleeding edge code base. As soon as we are done with integrating most of the open but implemented features into the stable app we will most likely drop the f-droid beta app since it shouldn’t be needed anymore because we plan to ship in shorter cycles than we could with the oC app.

Sad to hear that you’ll be dropping the FDroid beta, as I really won’t be subscribing by the Play Store. I guess it’ll need to be direct, manual downloads of APK’s instead, then? Opening an issue on Github for the crash, now…

No worries, it’ll take some time until that happens and then there will only be a 2 week gap between release candidate and stable release. And they will have de facto feature parity.

I’ve posted the issue, although I don’t know if it’s valuable given that I have the Nextcloud app talking to an ownCloud server (9.0.2)

So will the beta be available via apk’s at all then, or is that only for people using the Play Store?

Hi @Bugsbane good question :slight_smile:
We haven’t thought about that scenario yet (f-droid users who would be willing to run release candidates). The unfortunate part why we haven’t included the release candidate process is because f-droid isn’t a fully blown app store but rather a apk directory. Publishing the APK within the Github repo might be an option though I need to discuss with @tobiasKaminsky and @LukasReschke. The downside is that you woun’t have any nice update mechanism :frowning:

Regarding your reported issue, that one isn’t related to the backend.

Obviously, I’d rather have a nice update mechanism, however that said, I’d prefer manually installing APK’s - wherever they’re stored - over not being able to help with testing, or having to go through the Play Store. Obviously, I’m assuming that any APK’s would be somewhere secure with at least SSL and checksums.

Pinging @LukasReschke on this one. :slight_smile: We would have SSL while having the APK in the repo. We won’t have checksum out of the box there.

Will upload all builds uploaded to the Playstore also to then. They will have the same signatures and checksums like the server releases then.

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Installed the stable release 1.01 through Fdroid and signed up as tester in the Play Store, will I receive the beta update from the Play Store?

@Fred_Dresken_Maveric most likely not :frowning: f-droid does its own builds so it won’t be signed by Nextclouds keystore thus security will prevent the update. But since you already signed up to the beta program on Google play you can simply reinstall from there. Sorry for the inconvenience.

@Bugsbane have fun with the release candidates :wink: -->

Hi everybody,

we just pushed the first release candidate of the upcoming release 1.1.0 to the Google Play’s beta channel so it should show up within the next hours. For everyone who isn’t using Google Play we provide the APK files via

The new release brings you the following features:

  • New main menu to switch accounts easily
  • Ability to open Nextcloud hosted files (read-only) from other apps that support the standard file chooser (requires Android 4.4 / KitKat or higher)
  • “Select all files” for upload within a folder
  • optional feature to auto-create monthly folders for your instant uploads
  • revamped login screen

BEWARE that this is a release candidate so bugs might occur. If so please report them back to us on


Suhweeeet! :smiley:
Runs to download

…aaaand I have my first crasher bug filed already. :smiley:


1.1.0 RC2 has been deployed to the Google Play Test channel and to
It contains bugfixes for

  • the recommendation and the help item in the settings screen are now correct
  • grid bug reported by @Bugsbane has been fixed with a workaround
  • Manage Space can now be called again within Androids app settings
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Hi everybody,

we just pushed the first release candidate of the upcoming release 1.2.0 to the Google Play’s beta channel so it should show up within the next hours. For everyone who isn’t using Google Play we provide the APK files via Index of /android

The new release brings you the following features:

  • Multi select capabilities
  • confirmation dialog on account removal
  • offline available filter in main menu
  • sorting capability when choosing files to be uploaded
  • video thumbnails if activated on server
  • thumbnails during upload
  • fixed user agent for file firewalling
  • showing server side folder sizes
  • text in test preview can now be selected
  • search suggestions fixed for user/group search during sharing
  • minor bugfixes

BEWARE that this is a release candidate so bugs might occur. If so please report them back to us on Issues · nextcloud/android · GitHub


A suggestion maybe covering this scenario: what about publishing to fdroid but not bumping the recommended version? The fdroid app developers do this all the time. Right now the newest fdroid release is 0.101-alpha2 but the default version which gets installed and which you get update notifications about is 0.100.1.

@Bubu this is a good idea.
Do you have a link how to do this?
Then I am happy to enhance our f-droid way.

As far as I understand: we only have to add the RC as a new build to metadata, but not change the current version?
But how to do that as the build infos are auto generated via