Android app - photos tab is empty (while photo files are succesfully uploaded)


Android app (3.10.1) on Galaxy S10+ (Android 10 + March security patches) “Photos” tab (in the left menu) displays text “No photos… Upload some photos or activate auto upload”.

Auto upload is activated, some photos are uploaded to “InstantUpload”. Also added photo manually to “Photos” dir (along with 4 pre-added photos). I can open these photos browsing “All files” tab.

Still, “Photos” tab (in the left menu) does not display anything.

Tried this with at least 2 providers - The Good Cloud and Tabdigital.

In Web interface Gallery shows the photos successfully.

Could somebody kindly advise?

Thank you!

Hi @lazyhead,

could you please update to 3.11.0 and if the error persists open an issue on github please? :slight_smile: