Android App Pauses/Stops Uploading (manual upload)

Hey guys.

First time I’ve actually used NextCloud since I got it running a couple days ago. All files/apps are the latest versions.

I selected about 250 pictures on my android phone to upload. It started uploading and was working through them. So i turned my phone off and when to bed. When I woke up, it was stuck on 233 files remaining. Frozen or something. anyway I had to refresh it a couple of times (swipe down) and it finally started up again.

I cant tell for sure, but it looks like when the screen goes off it stops uploading, but I have also seen it stop uploading while I’m watching it. background data is enabled for the app

Is there somewhere I can watch a log, or see what might be going on here, or has anyone seen this before? all checks pass on the test, and I get an A for security scan.

sending this to the top of the list. still having the problem. android app gets about 3 files done and just decides to stop until you refresh. web uploads work fine

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By chance have you figured out a solution to this? I am apparently having the same issue…