Android app not sending picture


I have configured my app to send photo when having wifi only.

But sometime, it send 2-3 pictures of 10 (same folder, taken around the time.)
Why ?
How to force resyncronize correctly?

Thanks in advance.


would you mind telling us a bit more about your configuration/environment?

i mean not that it’s just the wellknown bug in android client 1.4.x -
dev’s just working on v2.0.0 and have released a RC4, lately which seems to work good --> Android App 2.0.0 RC5 released

Okay sorry… I didn’t know it was a well-known bug…
I have a Samsung A5 android 6.0.1 sending picture on raspberry pi via http (not https)
Nextcloud 12.0.1

so it really could be said bug.

which means: either take part in betatesting 2.0.0 RC4 or wait a short while until 2.0.0 is gonna be released via the normal channel…

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